Apr 10 2013

100 for Beer, 100 for My Government

A couple of months back, I found this Video Camera Sunglasses from an online retailer in Australia and got an interesting idea. It is certainly a lot cheaper than the $1500 Google Glass or the Baidu Eye.

Why don’t we use the sunglassess for teaching and learning in schools?
Students and teachers can use the sunglasses for many purposes. They can record their group work discussion during their field trip, they can edit the recording for their digital media assignments and many other educational goals and activities.

A few weeks before I went to a teacher professional development conference and workshop, we bought a couple of the sunglasses for an educational demonstration in the event. Unfortunately, our plan did not succeed because my father-in-law was very much interested to buy them. There goes a good plan 🙂

When I recently found the following documentation clip from Youtube (ed. the original has been removed), I suddenly realised that Indonesians can also use the gadget to reveal the shameful actions of many corrupt officers and harness the power of social media to create an atmosphere of “We’re watching you, please do your job honestly or you will get caught.”, thus preventing rampant corruption activities, affecting many people in the streets of Indonesia.

Whether the application is a good idea or ethical is still open for a public debate.